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Our Mission

At Yogismile, our mission is to offer high quality and affordable Yoga classes for everyone in the Laurel and nearby Community. We strongly believe in equality, diversity and inclusion. Through the practice of Yoga, we hope to promote love and joy in the community by creating a welcoming space for members to grow on and off the mat! Our Yoga classes are practical and focused on mindfulness to help with relaxation, fitness and self-transformation for a happier and healthier life.  We believe in the healing power of Yoga and the positive impact Yoga practice can have on an individual and the community as a whole. Our studio is located in a beautiful historic building in the heart of the Historic District of Laurel on Main Street. Join us and let your inner YogiSmile!

Yoga Pose

Benefits of Yoga & other classes we offer:

• Reduced anxiety, stress and pain

• Improved Sleep

• Improved breathing and circulation.

• Improved flexibility, posture, and mobility

• Increased strength and energy

• Enhanced concentration

• Improved Digestion & Weight management 

• Balanced lifestyle

• Positive mindset

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Yoga offers healing, love, hope, discipline, kindness, peace and joy!

We offer Yoga classes for all levels (beginners, intermediate, and advanced). Meditation, breath work and centering is part of each class. In addition we offer you mid-day Power Nap to take a break from your busy life, to recharge and continue your daily endeavor. Step into our studio to relax, restore and rejuvenate with a smile!

Yoga at Home

Gentle Flow

Whether you are new to Yoga, recovering from an injury, or have been practicing for a long time, you will enjoy the slow flow of this class to help you breath deep, feel relaxed and stretch smoothly! The smooth flow of this class and breath work helps you practice staying in the moment and let go of past regrets and future worries.
All Levels.

Warrior Two

Moderate Flow

Enjoy a progressive Yoga practice to start from slow flow and basic poses moving forward to a faster pace. This class favors vinyasa flow with variety and repetitive movements and short holds.  Join this class to breath, stay focus, build strength and gain more flexibility. You will enjoy a balance of active and relaxing poses! Be prepared to sweat or listen to your body and move at your own pace!
Level 1-1.5.

Yoga Class

Energizing Vinyasa & Core Flow

This class offers variety and repetitive vinyasa flow poses to support a healthy body and strong core. Energetic flow of this class emphasizes the importance of having a strong core for a healthy back/body. Whether you are a moderately new Yogi transitioning to explore more challenging poses, or a more seasoned Yogi thriving to challenge your body and deepen your practice, this class is for you. Pose modifications are offered so you can listen to your body and pick the option that is suitable for you!
Level 1-2.

Child's Pose

Restorative Yoga

Come and allow your body and mind to restore and relax. You are welcomed to a peaceful space with soothing music, soft blanket, eye pillow and other props to encourage your body’s healing power to rejuvenate you and restore your energy for days ahead! This class will start with a gentle flow and soon leads to passive restorative posses and ends with a short Yoga Nidra “ Yogic Sleep” - - a conscious state between wakefulness and sleep. Come! Relax! Restore and let your inner YogiSmile.

 All Levels.

Pilates Stretches

Yin Yoga

Experience stillness, deep breathing, stretching and relaxing in this meditative yoga practice. Extended hold in each pose nourishes facia (the connective tissue surrounding your muscles and organs) and helps with flexibility of your joints and muscles.  You will receive assistance for modification and proper use of props.
All Levels.

Yoga Practice

Hatha Yoga

This class offers a steady and well-rounded practice of yoga poses with focus on alignment, moderate holding of poses to engage muscles and build strength, improve flexibility, stamina, balance as well as mindfulness and breath control.
All Levels.

Yoga Class

Vinyasa Yoga

Science recommends short naps between the hours of 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. to recharge and re-energize your body and improve brain functionality. Come and take a power nap on a cushioned mat with blankets, pillow, eye pillow and smooth music. You will be guided through Yoga Nidra for the first 10-min and will take a power nap for 20-min and be woken up refreshed and energized