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Power Nap

Woman Sleeping


We welcome you with a smile to take a nap on a cushioned mat with a blanket, pillow, eye pillow and calming music. Earplugs available upon request. An instructor will guide you through Yoga Nidra for the first 10-min and you will take a power Nap for 20-min and be woken up refreshed and relaxed.

Join us for a mid-day power nap in a cozy and relaxed setting to recharge and get back to work fully energized!


Science recommends short naps between the hours of 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. to recharge and re-energize your body and improve brain function.

Proven to release stress, enhance your mood, improve productivity, focus, memory, and other brain functions.

Image by Sam Schooler


  • Please register online, otherwise, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to register and sign the waiver.

  • If you are aware that you snore, please book a “Private Napping” session for $20, or inform YogiSmile staff. If your snoring disturbs others, a YogiSmile staff will make you aware and ask you to re-position.

  • Please inform YogiSmile instructor if you are dealing with an injury or trauma. YogiSmile Instructor will offer additional support.

  • It would be best not to consume caffeine and heavy food prior to your nap.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.

  • ​​​Please avoid using strong perfume or smoking prior to class in consideration of other participants

  • To avoid class disruption, the studio doors will be locked right at the start of each class, please check-in at least 5 minutes ahead of all scheduled classes. Please be kind and do not knock on the door if the door is locked.

  • Turn off and silence all cell phones.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Please Cancel at least 30 minutes in advance to avoid losing a session. You can also call us by phone to cancel/reschedule your session. 

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