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Team: Our Team

The YogiSmile team is comprised of qualified Yoga instructors who are dedicated to the service and community. Every member of our team believes in establishing connection with you, to guide you through your Yoga journey, and help balance your energy to create a smooth flow of life. Smile is a promise at YogiSmile. Come practice with us and meet our team — we look forward to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.
We are hiring. If you are interested in joining our amazing team, please email:


Courtney Wright

Courtney first fell in love with yoga for its recovery-based benefits while recuperating from a dance injury in college. Years later, after a memorable Summer Solstice class, she decided to follow her calling and fully immerse herself in the yoga teaching community. Serving on several studio programming teams deepened Courtney’s passion for teaching. She formed lifelong bonds while leading yogis to deepen their practice and pursue their certification.  She specializes in Vinyasa and Restorative yoga and enjoys helping students of all experience levels and body types realize the strength, balance, and joy yoga has to offer.

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Dave Terzian

Dave discovered the transformative power of yoga in 2013. His yoga classes feature a fun and flowing style that focuses as much on transitions as it does on the postures themselves, often utilizing innovative transitions to bring students into familiar postures in unfamiliar ways. His classes incorporate an energetic pace and flow designed to build both functional strength and balance. He is RYT-200 certified with Yoga Alliance, and is currently working towards his 500 hour certification.
Dave has enjoyed a successful professional career as both a retail entrepreneur and real estate investor. In addition to teaching vinyasa yoga, he serves as an Entrepreneur-in Residence at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, where he coaches and mentors undergrads as well as MBA’s and other graduate students.


Jayanti Harrison

Jayanti loves and teaches alignment style yoga.  Whether it be a more hatha style or slow flow, she believes in aligning the body and breath with yogic tenants such as compassion, non-stealing and truth as she believes this is the way to live a healthier, more holistic life.  She is passionate about creating a safe practice for everyone where the student can work according to his/her/their physical and mental capacity in any given moment.  Jayanti believes in the magic of meditation and freeing the mind and teaches other Eastern ways of moving such as Qigong.


Kay Keyhani

Kay started practicing Yoga more than 19 years ago. She experienced the healing power of Yoga practice first hand and decided to get certified and teach Yoga and share all the wonderful benefits of Yoga with others. Kay teaches Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and offers Laughter Yoga workshops. She strives to make every Yoga practice a suitable, relaxing and positive experience for each and every Yogi.

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Kimberly Sarvis

Kim was initially drawn to yoga to maintain flexibility and to just keep moving. After nearly ten years of personal practice, yoga has provided her with so much more: personal growth, a deepened spiritual practice, and community! For Kim, yoga is more than exercise; it's a way to center and to reconnect to our true and innermost selves, which then allows us to connect more authentically and deeply with others. Wishing to share the benefits of yoga, Kim received her 200 hour Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teaching certificate. It's with great enthusiasm that Kim looks forward to meeting you on the mat!

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Marlene Burrell Sahl

Marlene’s  yoga journey began over 10 years ago as a way to incorporate flexibility into her personal fitness routine, and offset her physically strenuous job as a personal trainer.   In addition to finding the physical resiliency that she initially sought, Marlene experienced the more profound benefits of yoga- a calming and centering of her mind, which rejuvenated her spirit in ways she never imagined possible.  Her mental, spiritual and physical transformation were so enlightening that she just had to share!  Marlene has a 200-hour and 300-hour professional teaching certificate.  In addition to personal training, Marlene now teaches Vinyasa Yoga for movement, incorporating thoughtful sequencing, emphasis on alignment and breath, with a little spice here and there to keep things fun and interesting.  To offset the yang world we live in, Marlene also teaches Yin Yoga, nurturing the cooler, calmer, more inwardly focused side of Yoga, for recovery and resiliency.

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Theresa Preston

Theresa found a connection to yoga twenty years ago while working out at the gym at The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.  Theresa has since retired but found yoga to be helpful in both preventing and healing from injuries.  Theresa enjoys yoga because of its emphasis on stillness of the mind, meditation, and the connection of the mind, body and spirit.

 Theresa received her RYT200 Certification in 2013 and continued her Yoga learning journey to become a Certified RYT500 in 2017. Currently Theresa enjoys teaching Beginners and Chair Yoga and actively contributes to the health and wellbeing of communities in Laurel and surrounding areas.   

Theresa enjoys taking long nature walks with her dog Polo, going on Yoga retreats and spending time with family and friends.

Tianna Christine Bio Headshot.JPG

Tianna Christine

Tianna Christine began practicing yoga over 10 years ago while searching for a low impact workout. It started for her as a great way to develop a routine for flexibility. Over time, her practice evolved as a tool for stress and meditation. She loved yoga so much she decided to get certified to teach and share the practice with others. Tianna specializes in Vinyasa yoga and enjoys sharing the practice with everyone, including those new to yoga.

We are Hiring!

Thanks for your interest in working with us! We will contact you soon!

We are hiring Yoga & Pilates instructors. Please email your CV if you are interested in joining our team!

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