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About YogiSmile

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Our Philosophy

At YogiSmile, we believe in the healing power of Yoga and the positive impact Yoga practice can have on an individual and the community as a whole. Located on Main Street in the heart of historic Laurel, YogiSmile's mission is to offer high quality service with integrity and care. We aim to make Yoga accessible and affordable for people of all fitness and experience levels and bring better health, more peace and joy to our community. We strongly believe in equality, diversity and inclusion and aim to make Yoga accessible for all. Through the practice of Yoga, we hope to create a welcoming space for all. Our classes are practical and focused on mindfulness to help with relaxation, fitness, and self-transformation for a happier and healthier life! 

Our Founder

YogiSmile founder, Kay Keyhani has been a teacher in various forms throughout her professional career. With a background in Economics and Education, she worked as a Learning Specialist for more than 25 years. When she had a chance to start a second career, she dedicated herself to learning and teaching the practice of Yoga. 


Kay became a widow and single mother at a very young age. The stress and demands of juggling a full time job while raising two young children on her own eventually caught up with her and led to emotional fatigue and physical pain. She found solace after stepping into a Yoga class, where she felt its calming and healing energy. Now, 12 years later, her mind and body feel more peace and joy than ever before.

Having experienced the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of Yoga first hand, Kay was motivated to become a Yoga teacher and share the benefits with others. In her quest to introduce yoga to as many people as possible, she decided to open a Yoga and Wellness Center where she can have a greater reach and impact.

Along with regular Yoga practice, Kay believes that having an organized and decluttered space is also instrumental to our wellbeing. When she isn't teaching Yoga, Kay works as a Certified KonMari lifestyle and organizational coach, trained by Mari Kondo. Information about Kay's organizing and decluttering services can be found on her affiliate site, Tidy Paradise.

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