Meditation Retreat w/Jay

Meditation is for you--it's useful, and it's accessible with the right teacher. Explore a day of seated and walking meditation practices as well as two awareness-based yoga classes. Meditating can deepen your understanding of yourself and enhance your yoga practice, but can be challenging meditating on your own. Meditating as a group makes these benefits more accessible to you! Guided by deeply experienced meditator Jayanti, the practices are designed to build clarity of emotion, balance in body and mind, and a deep awareness of your personal nature. The retreat will help you explore how meditation and yoga compliment each other and can help you maintain your calm through life's challenges.

This Retreat may last close to 4-hrs.

Sunday: May 15 @1:30 - 5:00

In-Person at YogiSmile Studio

$40! Bring a friend and get $10 discount