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My Daughter Got Married

Thank you all for your well wishes and congratulations on my daughter’s wedding. As most of you know, in September, my daughter got married to the love of her life. My son and I gave her away to a wonderful young man. I am still processing the wedding ceremony and will cherish the memory for the rest of my life. The day was filled with mixed feelings of joy and contemplation about the memories of her growing up. I thought of all the difficulties in raising her and my son alone, but how happy I felt about the wonderful human beings they both turned out to be. As I looked back in time, I was also reminded of the journey that led me to where I am now.

For years I felt aches and pains in my muscles and joints, which were quite literally the physical manifestations of stress on my body, from the constant worry of uncertainties I felt about the future of my children, as I was raising them by myself. I was immediately filled with gratitude when I remembered how discovering Yoga really turned my life around and I would love to share my reflections with you:

  • Yoga taught me to stay present, set intentions, ask for what I want, be mindful, and do the best I can to achieve my goals.

  • Yoga taught me to replace my worries and fears with optimism.

  • Yoga taught me to have a healthy life style and be mindful about my mind and body.

  • Yoga taught me to be firm but flexible.

  • Yoga taught me to control my emotions, stay calm, positive, and balanced.

  • Yoga taught me to embrace my challenges and be patient and wait for my rewards.

  • Yoga taught me to be kinder and share my love and joy with others

So, here I am sharing with you the joy of my daughter’s wedding. You may be facing difficulties, working two jobs, studying long hours, trying hard to turn things around and create healthy relationships . . . so I want to remind you that life can be hard but it is precious and beautiful. That by keeping our faith, embracing our challenges and keeping our patience, we will be rewarded and Yoga can help!​

Sending you love and gratitude,


Oct. 2021

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