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Guidelines & Policies

Please note: If you like to visit us, please check the "schedule" tab. Studio is only open 15 min before and after each class for in-person queries. To practice Yoga with us, please create a free online profile and sign up for a class. Please send us your questions by email: or call us: 240-636-9981.

General Guidelines

  • Please review COVID-19 Guidelines prior to signing-up for in-studio classes

  • NO-SHOES! This includes Bathroom and Giftshop!

  • Pre-register online and check in with the teacher at your arrival.

  • Please check your email/phone prior to leaving home for in-person classes to make sure the class is not canceled. 

  • ​Studio opens 15-minutes prior to class start time. Please arrive at least 5-minutes prior to class start time to sign-in. Doors close 5 minutes after start of class.

  • Pictures Taken at the Studio May Be Used at Our Social Media & Website. Please Inform Us If You Don’t Wish to Be in YogiSmile Pictures/Videos!

  • ​Please wear comfortable attire and bring water and a small towel for your practice.

  • ​Please make sure you are cleared to practice Yoga by your physician (specially after any injuries and or pregnancy). 

  • ​It’s important to complete your practice and end with the final resting pose - Sivasana. If you must leave early, please leave quietly before Sivasana, not to disturb others.

  • ​YogiSmile offers 1 changing area for your convenience.

  • ​Please avoid using strong perfume or smoking prior to class in consideration of other participants.

  • ​Turn off and silence your cell phones and place it in your bag/cubby.

  • ​Please don’t bring valuables to the studio, YogiSmile is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of your belongings. Please take your purse and small items inside the studio.

  • You are welcome to use our Mats for the first 30-days of your practice. After that, please bring your own mat or purchase from YogiSmile Gift-shop. When you use studio mats and props, please DISINFECT USING WET TOWELS AT THE STUDIO & PLACE THEM BACK ON THE SHELF.

  • We use clean pillow cases to cover YogiSmile's bolsters. Please bring your own pillow case for your personal items/props.

  • ​Please help reduce our carbon foot-print and bring your own water bottle with cap. Please feel free to refill your bottles with our filtered water.

  • ​We offer complementary herbal tea. Please be mindful of recycling and nature’s resources and bring your own cup. We charge $1 for paper cups.

  • ​Please check your email/phone for weather related schedule updates or cancellations. We will do our best to inform you of schedule change at least one hour before class.  Holiday schedules will be posted on the website at least one week in advance.​Please click here to learn ore about Power Nap session

Studio Policies


We ask you to please, SIGN-UP or CANCEL AT LEAST 1.5-HOUR in advance of practice to allow wait-listed yogis to practice.

  • All students must be at least 18-years-old to attend the adult classes.  Students, 13-18 years old, may attend adult classes with their guardian taking the same class.

  • ​Full payment is expected prior to class attendance. YogiSmile does not accept cash. We accept Debit and all major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX)

  • ​Discounts cannot be added together; the higher of the discounts will be applied.

  • ​YogiSmile reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class, workshop, or training at any time and offer a refund or credit for future services.

  • ​We will grant credit in specific cases but not refund or extend membership period as a result of the studio’s closing for any reasons, included but not limited to the holiday closures and inclement weather condition​.

  • Signing up for YogiSmile membership requires no contract. Your only commitment is to you, your health and well-being! If you need to cancel, write to us 15-days prior to your next billing date to cancel Auto-Pay.

  • ​There is no extension on class package expiration date, however we can roll-over expired series with purchase of new series.

  • ​In addition to these policies, please read class/workshop description or your receipt for more details.

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